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tradefxsmart.com is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world. Founded in 2007, as a paid-to-click website, tradefxsmart has since changed its business model and has become an industry leader in providing an easy way for its members to earn extra money from multiple sources. tradefxsmart has paid out more than $26 million to its members and continues to grow.

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We have created a platform that will help people gain funds to support their cause whether it’s to support a women’s shelter, pay for unexpected medical bills, get funds for a special project or the many other worthy causes in this world.


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tradefxsmart got stronger and developed gaining public fame. And in 2017, the Board of Directors decided to create an International Corporation all over the world via the Internet! Never before has the investment process been so simple and profitable!


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tradefxsmart Limited is the official registered company in the United Kingdom. With its help, you can anytime check whether the company is legitimate.

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Although bank accounts are generally considered very safe investments, interest rates in most countries are at their lowest level in many decades and bank savings provide very low returns. Investment funds offer investors the opportunity to earn higher returns, either to increase income or to save for future needs. The vast choice of funds available allows you to select investments that suit your willingness to take risks – or not.

Obviously the younger you start to invest for your retirement the better, but anyone – even a person just five years away from retiring – can still take steps to increase the amount of money available upon retirement. However, older investors should adopt a more cautious investment strategy to minimise the risk of a significant loss of capital in the run-up to their retirement. Younger investors, on the other hand, can be more aggressive, as they have many years of earning and investing ahead in which to make up any short-term losses.

Investment funds provide a cost-effective and efficient way to access a wide variety of financial assets. With a portfolio of assets selected to meet specific investment objectives, investment funds are available to suit every type of investor, from the most cautious to the most adventurous. Investment decisions for a fund are taken by trained professionals with years of specialist experience. Direct investment in shares and bonds, on the other hand, requires in-depth knowledge both of companies and of the economic environment. Even with help from a financial advisor, it is a time-consuming and expensive process that should only be attempted by sophisticated and experienced investors with time to devote to making financial decisions and acting on them.

The UCITS rules give investors a legal right to redeem their holdings at least twice a month. Most funds, however, buy and sell on a daily basis. The proceeds are paid to the investor on the settlement day, which is usually up to five days later. The redemption price reflects the assets held by the fund. Details of redemption and settlement dates will be found in the fund’s prospectus. Exchange-traded funds can be sold on stock exchanges throughout the trading day, although the settlement period may be different. It’s worth remembering that in general investments tend to produce the best performance if they are held for the medium to long term. In an emergency, though, UCITS funds can be redeemed at fairly short notice.

Investment decisions for UCITS funds are taken within a framework of checks and balances designed to ensure that the fund is being managed as set out in the fund prospectus. Independent service providers such as the fund’s custodian are part of a regulatory structure designed to protect the interests of investors and ensure that the fund assets are being invested in accordance with the prospectus. If you are concerned that the fund is not following the stated investment policy, you should first contact your financial advisor. You may also contact the fund management company and the financial regulator of the country where the fund is registered.

Investment funds, financial advisors and fund management companies are all carefully regulated, and strict rules are in place to ensure that professionalism and “best practice” prevail. If a fund is not performing as you expected, it may be that market conditions have taken a downturn. Market fluctuations are normal, but it’s important to understand that the fund manager always has to act within the rules set out in the prospectus and the regulations imposed by the supervisory authorities.

Therefore it is worth checking whether the fund is investing as promised in its prospectus. This can be done by studying the annual report, which will contain a statement by the fund’s independent auditor. If you believe that investments in the fund do not correspond to the prospectus or the marketing material you received, or if you object for any other reason to the way the management company or the fund manager have discharged their duties, you should first contact your financial advisor, although you can also contact the company directly. If you are not happy with their response, you may contact your home country’s financial regulator, the financial regulator of the country in which the investment fund is based, or a consumer protection office. They will be able to help and advice on what you should do next.

Financial advisors should provide guidance and investment recommendations based on your investment profile and attitude to risk. If you feel advice you acted upon has not been suitable for your investment needs, you may contact the financial institution by which the advisor is employed, a professional organisation for financial advisors in your home country, or your local financial regulator.

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